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Hernia mesh defect lawsuit

Hernia Mesh Injury Lawsuit

Thousands of Americans have suffered injuries from defective hernia mesh -- injuries such as infections, organ perforations and bowel obstructions. If you were injured, you deserve payments for your medical bills, lost wages and other losses by means of a hernia mesh lawsuit.

The Willis Law Firm is experienced in handling such claims and can help you with a possible lawsuit for hernia mesh complications, side effects and injuries. Contact us today for your free legal consultation.

*Currently Accepting Surgery & Non-Surgery Hernia Mesh Cases*

What is Hernia Mesh?

For an understand of what is hernia mesh, you should know that it is an increasingly widespread form of hernia repair surgery that involves implanting a mesh shield or patch over the hernia area after surgical repairs are made with sutures. How widespread? Since the year 2000, only 10 per cent of groin hernia surgery -- which is common among men -- has been done without hernia mesh.

Some hernia surgery involves only the sutures to repair weakened muscles or tissues which allow organs to protrude from the body as a painful hernia. Hernia mesh surgery also adds mesh implant devices as additional support to guard against future hernias. The mesh that is used in hernia surgery is comprised of woven, flexible and sterile surgical material. That material can be comprised of synthetic elements such as plastic-like polypropylene, or perhaps gels or even animal tissues.

The porous mesh implant allows the recipient’s body tissue to grow into it and is meant to remain in the body and not be removed -- unless mesh failure dictates mesh removal. Though mesh implants can reduce the risk of hernia recurrence -- another hernia appearing in the same area after hernia surgery -- mesh implants also have serious complications which can more than offset this benefit. In fact, mesh implants also can lead to more hernias.

Hernia mesh failure has become common among the 100,000 Americans receiving hernia mesh implants each year. Hernia mesh removal or repairs often are required. Yet most manufacturers keep their defective mesh products on the market while making no hernia mesh recalls.

Hernia Mesh Failures Explained

If you’ve been injured by hernia mesh manufacturers’ defective products, you need hernia mesh failures to be explained. The Willis Law Firm can help. One common mesh failure involves mersh erosion. That means the mesh product erodes, crumbles or falls apart in the body. This can lead to extreme pain and can require follow-up hernia surgery.

Other mesh complications include mesh adhering to the bowel and causing bowel obstructions which prevent defecation -- a serious mesh injury. Also, mesh comprised of polypropylene can injure any tissue it touches, and even mesh coated with substances to cover the polypropylene can cause injuries.

A study in medical journal Surgical Endoscopy showed that more than two-fifths of persons receiving hernia mesh suffered infections, and nearly one-fifth had mechanical failure of the mesh. Others suffered adhesion of the mesh to organs, rejection of the mesh by the body or severe pain.

Mesh failures, complications and side effects also can include but are not limited to:

  • Hernia recurrence
  • Internal bleeding
  • Tissue erosion at the site of the surgery

Such injuries may be life-threatening and can involve repeated follow-up surgeries and costly treatments. Victims have a legal right to financial compensation.

Get a Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Attorney

You can get an attorney for your hernia mesh lawsuit by contacting The Willis Law Firm. Call us today for a free legal review of your case from an experienced injury lawyer. Then you can decide if you want a hernia mesh lawsuit claiming payments for your medical costs, lost salary and pain and suffering due to defective hernia mesh. Contact The Willis Law Firm today for a free case review toward your possible hernia mesh lawsuit. 

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